Frequently Asked Questions

It's the latest endeavor by Brandon Young, 8-figure seller and successful entrepreneur. Together with his wife, Jennifer, Brandon has finally decided to put up an Amazon conference of his own to share how they were able to scale their businesses successfully. Brandon's been to every single Amazon conference at least once. He has seen successful conferences pulled off flawlessly by experts. Why create his own? Because CampEcom isn't your standard Amazon conference. It's a conference where entrepreneurs and practitioners are the focus, not thought leaders and influencers.

You won't see the usual faces at CampEcom. We're not inviting the usual suspects. You can meet Brandon's peers at other Amazon conferences. This conference introduces you to entrepreneurs and company owners, managers, and supervisors. Movers and shakers, who have failed at their businesses, picked themselves back up, and figured out the winning formula for success. At CampEcom, you'll learn from your peers. It's relatable, it's close to the heart, it's the success story that happens just next door.

You'll meet the awesome Inner Circle community. You won't see the usual Amazon celebrity (except for Brandon, of course); not this time. You'll have all of 2024 to look for them at Amazon conferences all over the world. Start off the year with an Amazon conference, where the participants have the floor. At CampEcom, the quiet entrepreneur is the celebrity. You are the thought leader. Your nextdoor neighbor is the star.

We've got so many great activities planned for you. You'll get the chance to learn from other Inner Circle members. You'll meet service providers in the Amazon space, who may just well be your ticket to scaling rapidly and achieving your business goals. You'll go to networking parties and participate in fun activities to solidify relationships and expand your network. Stay tuned for the full schedule!

The amount of knowledge you'll get from CampEcom will propel your entrepreneurship forward in record time. Don't make the mistake of picking up some YouTube course from snake oil salesmen; learn from people who've done it themselves and who can guide you with the correct steps. That's what CampEcom is for, to make sure you succeed, with the actionable tactics that have been developed by entrepreneurs just like you.

If you've scaled your business to 7 figures, and aim to reach the $50mn mark, take part in CampEcom's high-level executive training. Brandon himself will share how he scaled many businesses to massive success. He and other successful businessmen will share the actionable tactics needed for every step of running a successful business.

Head on over to our checkout page to see the details. Just pay for your accommodations; we've got the rest covered.

Absolutely! For larger groups or teams, we offer our 'addon' team member tickets. These tickets allow you to bring your team members to CampEcom at a special discounted rate. They're designed for each individual track and provide the same comprehensive experience as our regular tickets. By opting for the 'addon' tickets, you can ensure a cost-effective way for your entire group to join in the fun, learning, and networking. Make sure to check them out!

Team Member Addon are a fantastic way for you to bring along your team members to CampEcom at a discounted rate. These tickets are designed for each individual track and offer the same complete experience as our regular tickets. The only difference? They come at a slightly reduced cost, making it more economical for teams to attend together. Get your team involved and benefit from shared learning and networking! - Do keep in mind that a primary ticket purchase is required, you then can mix & match as you please.

Double Tree is the nucleus of CampEcom! The objective of CampEcom is to help you learn, regardless of where you may be in your entrepreneurial career. That means developing the relationships and network to propel your business forward. We have an entire bloc of rooms reserved for CampEcom registrants. Developing that network and those relationships will be much easier when you're in close proximity to one another. Besides, since all CampEcom's activities take place in Double Tree, you'll save valuable travel time by staying with us. Focus on squeezing CampEcom for all the value it can provide, and not on getting to breakfast on time!

Already an Orlando resident? If you'd like to stay in the comforts of your own home, that's fine, we totally understand. The ticket price covers everything except for accommodations, so our ticket prices remain constant for you. Looking forward to welcoming our Floridians at CampEcom!

Each ticket track, including the Executive Management Training, requires full participation from start to finish due to the comprehensive agenda tailored specifically to each track. Therefore, participants won't be able to switch between tracks or attend multiple sessions simultaneously. If you're keen on benefiting from content across multiple tracks, we suggest bringing team members to attend the other tracks to ensure your business capitalizes on all the knowledge CampEcom offers.

CampEcom kicks off on Sunday, January 14th in the afternoon and wraps up late in the evening on Tuesday, January 16th. Please note that we're concluding with a grand off-site event on Tuesday evening, so we highly recommend staying on-site that night to make the most of it. To fully enjoy the conference and our closing event, we suggest checking in at the hotel on Sunday afternoon and checking out on Wednesday morning. For those staying with us, there's a special discounted rate. If you haven't secured your room yet, now's the time!

As of now, we're still finalizing the exciting details of the CampEcom agenda. Rest assured, it will be published on our website as the event date draws closer. Stay tuned!

Yes, meals are covered for attendees at CampEcom! We provide both breakfast and lunch to ensure you're well-fueled throughout the conference. In the evenings, there are special events where complimentary snacks and drinks are offered. Additionally, if you have specific dietary needs—such as vegan, kosher, and others—the hotel will handle accommodations to ensure your meals are tailored to your requirements. Just let us know in advance at ticket checkout.

Absolutely! While the event workshops are exclusively for registered attendees, we understand that many participants travel with family. Family members are more than welcome to stay at the hotel and enjoy its amenities and common areas. They can also join in on the evening events where snacks and drinks are provided. So while they won't have access to the workshop sessions, there are plenty of opportunities for them to relax and engage in the communal vibes of CampEcom.