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8 Figure Workshops Agenda


Amazon Specialist
Workshops Agenda


Fireside Speed Networking

Jumpstart relationships while roasting marshmallows.

Attendees will answer business and personal questions while rotating groups in this fireside speed networking event.

Finding Potential Products

Easily fill your funnel with winning product ideas.

Using the provided Criteria Checklist, attendees will practice filtering through large groups of potential products based on real world data sets.

Validating Products

De-risk product ideas and determine launch feasibility.

After being given a group of real products, attendees will get hands-on experience implementing the Product Scorecard to evaluate overall risk for the niche and maximize opportunity.

Sourcing: China / India / Mexico

Learn the best practices to source like a local.

Attendees will be placed into groups and given a niche to research. Using our Sourcing Checklist, groups will create a comprehensive sourcing strategy and receive feedback on how to better optimize for product quality and cost.

Product Design - Winning Differentiation

Create unique products that stand out from competitors.

After being placed into groups, attendees will use our Product R&D Workflow to pitch variations and evaluate ROI.

Packaging and Insert Design

Reimagine your packaging while cutting costs.

In this interactive workshop, attendees will rethink product packaging while learning to develop creative briefs that are designed to maximize reviews, conversions and Click Through Rate.

Images That Convert

Demystify the creative process to create data backed images.

Attendees will learn a never-before-seen methodology to objectively score the strength of an image gallery. Groups will receive constructive feedback as they practice making a conversion focused creative brief.

Logistics Optimization - Landed Costs

Maximize margin and eliminate stock-outs.

Using our Annual ROI Calculator, attendees will practice creating an evolving logistics plan that optimizes for landed costs as a brand grows.

Written Content to Maximize Rank

Dominate Amazon’s ranking algorithm

Attendees will get hands-on experience using Data Dive to create a Master Keyword List. Using the Listing Builder, groups will create a comprehensive ranking strategy.

Product Launch Fundamentals

Leverage the honeymoon period to quickly establish rank.

Attendees will be given a series of very challenging product launch scenarios. It will be their job to analyze each situation and adapt their strategy to create the perfect launch.

Intro to PPC

Build the foundation for profitable paid traffic.

We’ll set the stage for the interactive PPC workshops that follow by covering the most essential elements for paid traffic on Amazon

PPC for Launch

Develop a winning launch campaign

Attendees will be given a hypothetical product and as a group will create and receive feedback on a comprehensive launch strategy. Image: Rocket, paid traffic, burning money, ranking charts

PPC for Growth

Learn to modify a post-launch PPC strategy.

Attendees will be given a data set for a post-launch product and after analyzing the results, will practice refining the PPC strategy to achieve different goals specific to the growth phase.

PPC for Maintenance

Optimize ranking performance while minimizing ACOS

Attendees will practice using the PPC Maintenance Workflow on a hypothetical product and using real-world data will create and receive feedback on a comprehensive strategy to maintain this brand.

Fireside Speed Networking

Jumpstart relationships while roasting marshmallows.

Get to know other attendees through this fireside speed networking event. Answer business and personal questions and develop the relationships that will dictate the tone of the next 3 days.

Executive Kick Off - Plan for The Future

Think big picture. Plan your strategy and tactics for the next 10 years.

Learn the growth mindset needed to scale. Understand how to build an org chart for different phases of growth. Discuss 10 year planning and make immediate milestones. Go deep into your business’s origin story. Chart your company’s org chart in the next 2 years. What’s your 10 year goal?

Outcome: Organizational Chart for an 8 figure Amazon private label business.

The Current State of Business Evaluation

A mini management training on your business. Get a quick overview of your business.

Let’s set the stage for the rest of the event. We’ll take a quick look at your business, and engage in light planning and reflection. This will lay the foundation for the rest of the workshops.

Discussion: Segments for under 3 employees vs. over 5 employees. Perform a SWOT analysis of your business.
Outcome: Company evaluation questionnaire & checklist.

Identify Value Levers & Set Goals to Achieve Them

What are the best scaling up methodologies for private label?

Learn how to apply OKR/4DX / EOS/ Scaling up methodology to the Amazon private label business. Find the value levers that will add significant impact to the final goal, and set the goals that will influence that goal. Discover the taxonomy of the value tree.

Discussion: Use the provided template to set up goals and find your business’ levers.
Outcome: The taxonomy of the value tree.

Keep Track of Progress

Break a goal down into activities. Track data to make informed decisions.

Learn how to break down a big goal into smaller steps reflected in daily activities. What to track and how to troubleshoot? Now that you know your business’ levers, here’s how to track how they’re doing. Change resource distribution to ensure goals are met.

Discussion: You’ll be given scenarios. You’ll have to decide how to react to the scenarios. Learn how to interpret data and how to use that data to craft a strategy to troubleshoot.
Outcome: Apply Leading Action template to achieve targets.

Create org chart and assign KPIs

Hiring the right people starts with the right job descriptions and KPIs

We discuss why KPIs and well-written job descriptions are crucial to finding the right people. What are the gaps in your org chart? How do you give your people decision rights? Hire the right people – and give them accountability and ownership

Discussion: Identify KPIs for all the positions in your company.
Outcome: Create your org chart, and develop a job description template.

How to find and develop A players

All About Hiring & Interviewing: Your business is heavily driven by the right people

Interviewing, coaching, and mentoring. Here’s where we’ll learn about the proper interview process, and how to ask smart questions that will show you the right candidates for you. We’ll share our interview best practices.

Discussion: What are the hiring and retention challenges you’ve faced? Have you ever had a bad hire? What steps did you take to identify A players vs. ones that weren’t a good fit? .
Outcome: Interview sample questions for a product manager.

Everything About Salaries & Benefits

Creating a compensation model to reward employees and fit your business

Let’s talk about commissions vs. variable compensation. Which one works best? Identify the best compensation model for your business. What’s the structure that works for you? What are the pros and cons, and how to go about a proactive and positive employee evaluation and development plan. Learn about the different salary tiers

Discussion: Interactive exercise: set up a compensation model for a product manager.
Outcome: Define a variable compensation template and broad band salary.

How to Run a Productive Meeting

Meetings can be constructive when structured well.

What is a meeting flow? Learn about the best practices for your Amazon private label business meetings, from your daily huddles all the way to your annual planning sessions. How can your meetings become more productive instead of a time suck?

Discussion: What is your current meeting rhythm? How can meetings become more effective?
Outcome: Learn how to officiate meetings well, from your daily huddles, to weekly update meetings, monthly goal setting, quarterly evaluations, and annual planning sessions.

BONUS: Developing Your PPC/Brand/Product Specialist

Learn how to find, train, retain, and grow this integral member of your team

This person is one of the most impactful members of your organization. Learn how to cultivate this position into taking ownership over key functionalities in the company. How do you hire the right person? What do you look out for? How do you retain and grow them? Take a green college graduate to full management potential in 6 months.

Discussion: What are the challenges that you face when a person is fully responsible for the goings-on of a product?
Outcome: Sample training materials.

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Attendee Registration

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Workshop Sessions,
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